Headstone Detail

You'll find the headstone's map location, Dumfries & Galloway Family History Society's survery reference, photographs, the inscription and details of the headstone condition detailed below.

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Dumfries & Galloway Family History Society Survey Reference: 104

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Erected by Robert CAMPBELL, Mariner, Portpatrick in memory of his sons, Viz: Quintin CAMPBELL who died 17 April 1816 aged 5 months James CAMPBELL who died 18th June 1818 aged 20 years John CAMPBELL who died 12th Nov 1821 aged 9 years Alexander CAMPBELL who died 27th July 1828 aged 17 years Also the aforesaid Robert CAMPBELL who died 1st Feb 1832 aged 61 years Margaret KENNEDY wife to Robert CAMPBELL died the 12th March 1857 aged 82 years [reverse side] This Burying Ground contains one Grave in length and three in breadth North from this Stone Interred in front of this Stone Agnes FERIS wife to Robert CAMPBELL Junr. who died 28th March 1838 aged 39 years The above Robert CAMPBELL died 5th March 1867 aged 72 years


Red sandstone.
145 x 93 x 12
Fair. Both faces worn but stable.
Free standing with curved top and curved and cusped sides. Main inscription on east face. Traces of white paint in lettering.