Headstone Detail

You'll find the headstone's map location, Dumfries & Galloway Family History Society's survery reference, photographs, the inscription and details of the headstone condition detailed below.

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Dumfries & Galloway Family History Society Survey Reference: 17

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There is interred in front of this stone Mr James McCONNELL who died the 29th September 1833, aged 57 years. He was for a number of years Captain of H.M. Post Office Sailing Packet Palmer. Successively Chief Mate of H.M. Post Office Steam Packet [Dasher and Fury]. He lived highly respected and died deeply and justly regretted. [on reverse] Erected by James McCONNELL in memory of John COCHRANE, late Clerk of the customs at Port Patrick, his father-in-law who died the 18th March 1807, aged 66 years. Also James McCONNELL, his son who died the 20th January 1812, aged 18 months and Elizabeth LENNOX, Relic of the said John COCHRANE, his Mother-in-law who died the 10th January 1821, aged 85 years. Also Elizabeth, Daughter, who departed this life the - - September 1827, aged 23 years.


Brown sandstone.
147 x 108 x 11
Fair. Some flaking along bedding plane on southern edge of west face. Extensive lichen cover.
Free standing, rectangular top with side curves and cusps and scroll terminals. Main inscription on east face with plain oval cartouche above.