Headstone Detail

You'll find the headstone's map location, Dumfries & Galloway Family History Society's survery reference, photographs, the inscription and details of the headstone condition detailed below.

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Dumfries & Galloway Family History Society Survey Reference: 110

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Erected by Matthew WITHER in Moore[---] in memory of his father James WITHER who died the 3rd Sept 1828 aged 80 years Also his wife Marrion SHEAR[ER] who died the 16th January 1835 aged 79 years Also Nathaniel WITHER, Mariner, their son who was drowned in the Baltic Sea the 4th Decr 1813 aged 24 years Also Ann WITHER their daughter who died the 6th May 1825 aged 27 years Also Capt David WITHER their son who died the 14th July 1826 aged 42 years Also Peter WITHER their son who died in infancy Also Andrew WITHER son of the above Matthew WITHER who died 27th July 1858 aged 7 years also Maria WITHER his daughter who died 17th August 1858 aged 17 years [reverse side] Also the erector Matthew James WITHER who died at Moorcroft 24th June 1883 aged 83 years Also his wife Margaret HANNAH who died at Harbour House 4th February 1893 aged 78 years Also their daughter Agnes WITHER who died at Harbour House 12th June 1918 aged 80 years


Yellow sandstone.
106 x 72 x 09
Fair. Flake damage to east face top and right side of west face.
Free standing with rectangular top and cusped shoulders. Main inscription on east face.